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its nice to meet you!

i hope this offering pleases you:
1000 stolen lj ikons for your enjoyment

also, goto http://www.livejournal.com/admin/console/
&type in: ban_set f0lll0w
if youre somehow easily offended

this is an experiment, done with love
(nickels, (not coin), (not money), (post civil war), 5/10/20/25/50c, 5/10/25/50c, 5/10/25c, barber us coinage:, bi-metals, box coins box dollars, bust us coinage:, bust us half dollar, canada merchant, celluloid, chopmarked coins, coin jewelry, coin objects, coin related:, coin spoon, coin/token, coins embossed, countermarked coins:, elongated coins, enameled coins, enameled item, encased coins:, encased postage, etc., etc.), flats, gold tokens gold medals, govermental, half cent related, hand-engraved tokens, hard rubber tokens, hobo nickels, label coins, large cent, love tokens: award/prize, love tokens: initials, love tokens: multiples, love tokens: names, love tokens: scenics, macerated currency, made from coins, made-from or relic, medieval, nickel composition - magnetic, non-us/canada, non-world's fair, odd & curious, odd-shaped, other us coins, pop-out pushed out, porcelain, potty dollars potty coins, seated us coinage:, shell cards, struck-over other, trade dollars: us, unusual metal/composition, us merchant, wood checkers, wood medals, wooden money